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Movies that Matter is the podcast going beyond basic film criticism to boldly explore a social issue affecting people's lives.

Sep 26, 2019

Lexy and Nicole discuss Hustlers, the problem of not being willing to make the main character a calculating criminal, the portrayal of the dancers as athletes-- not sex objects, and how we think about exploitation in terms of crime and sex work. Read the article from The Cut that inspired the movie. We hearken back to our discussion of Widows and how perception of crime depends on who's perpetrating it. Listen to Lorene Scafaria talk about making the movie. Check out the small study on the comparison of sex work in the UK versus other low-skilled jobs. Also listen to Cecilia and Jessica and the Bunny Ranch from the Criminal podcast.

Nicole recommends the podcast, The Oath. Lexy recommends Lily Singh's A Little Late with Lily Singh.

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