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Movies that Matter is the podcast going beyond basic film criticism to boldly explore a social issue affecting people's lives.

Mar 28, 2019

Adam and Nicole discuss Captive State, how much they enjoyed the movie contrary to most critics, the pleasures of a plot driven movie, our desire for authoritarian rule, and our unwillingness to confront our own worst tendencies. The movie explores people’s inability to put the greater good over their own emotions because of the tendency to complacency. Adam draws out this subtler thread in the movie’s treatment of climate change. We commend the film for not showing the typical plot line of humans banded against the enemy rather our own selfish desires to protect ourselves. Listen to Radiolab’s discussion of Pew Research on democracy and read about how the Trump administration shut down EPA’s environmental justice office.

Adam recommends Us. Nicole recommends Uncover Season 1 on Escaping NXIVM.

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